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The B-Logic ERP & CRM software optimized information flow between the company branches and AUDIONOVA headquarters. Also, the transfer of documents and settlements to the insurance companies was improved.

The implementation of B-Logic ERP at BS Trust enabled a more efficient management of the company's human and financial resources. Planning and control of the work activities led to streamlined, standardized and automated processes.

The B-Logic ERP implementation at PROFINOX allowed a more efficient stock management, supply and production. Human and financial resources necessary for planning and control activities were reduced considerably with process automation.

By implementing the B-Logic Timekeeping solution at PROFINOX, we created a tool for effective and efficient calculation of production costs. Automating business processes related to recording timesheets and payroll increased efficiency and reduced the time needed for manual data processing.

With B-Logic ERP, GRANGE Eastern Europe improved workflow for all components: inventory management, tracking and delivering orders and activity planning.

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