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One thing companies operating in services have in common is the importance of the relationship with the customer - hence the need to implement a CRM system. And because the road from a leaflet to a loyal customer means planned activities, maximizing every interaction, and an optimal management of resources and costs - you need an integrated ERP system.

Why you need B-Logic ERP and CRM?

To always have control over resources, activities and the most important asset: customers. You make the best business decisions only when you have all the information - so that you can identify the best solutions to achieve your goals.

How to sell more?

With B-logic ERP and CRM - you can plan projects and manage resources in an optimal way in order toget the maximum benefit out of every customer interaction:
1. Increase the number of prospects consistently. B-logic CRM allows you to select them according to various criteria to apply the most effective strategy in each case;
2. Plan and manage activities in stages or create templates of activities. Create and view detailed graphics for each activity - with due dates and human and technical resources allocated;
3. Create a win-win partnership with the client. Stimulate sales force by setting target-objectives and easily track the progress of each employee;
4. Earn per sale. B-Logic CRM creates percentage probabilities of sale according to a customer's interests and development to help you achieve your business goals.

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