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In the distribution field, you already know that it's vital to deliver products on time and efficiently manage inventory, especially when you are dealing with warehouses in several outlets. If you have already experienced:

Delays in filling orders and supplies;
• Lack of effective control of business operations;
Difficulties in forecasting stock movements

...You need a B-Logic Management System.

Why should you choose B-Logic ERP?

Because it adapts perfectly to your company's needs and provides logistical support in order to efficiently organize distribution processes.

Which business objectives you want to achieve?
What do you need to grow your business?

With B-Logic ERP you will:

• Keep track of inventory processes in real time;
Have automated provisioning for all submitted orders;
• Reduce human resources and time needed by simplifying operations.

What say those who have already chosen B-Logic?

B-Logic implemented ERP and CRM at Audionova so that all documents drawn from subsidiaries entered into automated workflows, differentiated by type of transaction, thus allowing much faster processing. In addition, B-Logic Systems have introduced centralized inventory management and streamlined interactions with customers - from shortening the time to respond clients to generating repeated sales.

Read more in the "Portfolio" section - Case study Audionova.

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