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Want your company to operate like a Swiss watch?

B-Logic ERP Professional is the software you need. Streamlines business processes and provides the data necessary for decision making in real-time.

What is the role of an ERP system?

• Integrates all the information in your system - all you need in one place;
• Complete accounting program for generating and managing invoices, contracts, accounting notes, statements, etc.
 Simplified, standardized and automated business processes - integrated with internal quality standards or ISO standards, providing efficient management of stock, cash flow optimization;
• Provides technical support for effective management of the company;
• Reduces costs by eliminating the need of multiple applications for multiple tasks;
• Faster response time to customer requests. 



Manages all production processes, services

and internal accounting.

Adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Easy to use in the Cloud ERP version - instant access to updated 

information on all company subsidiaries.

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Business management through a single click. Different customers, different needs.
Information at your fingertips.


What is an ERP system?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an accounting and business management software.

Why B-Logic ERP Professional?

It's a production module that allows you to track all manufacturing processes in your company: materials management, inventory forecasting, inventory reports.

B-Logic ERP Professional is the backbone of your company's development and growth. Integrated accounting and document management software allows you to streamline your business processes, to act on the information that is updated in real time anywhere within the organization. Moreover, it is just a click away through the online version and does not require significant costs of acquisition, subsequently reducing operating costs - we will provide our secure servers and support team.

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