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The electronic archiving solution from B -Logic is designed specifically for companies that manage large volumes of documents: notary offices, lawyers, medical clinics requiring storage and indexing. We offer an easy to use online access solution for electronic filing of all documents.

It is a flexible solution for small, medium or large companies depending on their storage needs.

You can choose to store them on our servers or on your own servers. Whichever you choose, we guarantee the availability and security of your data.

What are the benefits electronic filing ?
Fast administrative feeds;
• Fast and efficient access to any document filed;
Safekeeping of documents online;
Protection against accidental deletion of files;

In addition, you will have access to the following important features to perform your job quickly and easily:
• Integrated functionality to search documents stored in the DMS;
• OCR function included for automated indexing of archived documents;
• Control access to documents on different levels of access for each user profile, group or business;
• Ability to integrate this solution with other CRM or ERP software.

The electronic archiving solution from B -Logic can be purchased through monthly subscription with SaaS licensing. For details please contact us here!

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