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B-Logic Timekeeping is a simple and efficient software tool for reporting emplyees working time. B-Logic Timekeeping records working hours and subsequent tasks for each employee, in a simple and accessible format. In addition, it records overtime hours and vacantion days for a clearer payroll calculation.

- Efficiency and productivity calculation: the ability to deliver various reports by specific filters and controls to determine employee or task profitability;
- Accounting and calculation of vacantion days and overtime hours;
- Posibility to export reports to Excel or PDF;
- Simple task planning and posibility to view tasks history;

Accessibility - B-Logic Timekeeping is an online software solution, easy to access and use by employees;
Efficiency - Data is processed automatically, eliminating human errors;
Safety - information is ordered and filtered according to the user profile and authorization ;
Transparency - Clear and scheduled working hours of employees ;
Productivity - both you and employees will have a clearer picture of the tasks assigned and the distribution of working hours worked for each of them;

B-Logic Timekeeping can be integrated with the software tools you already use. Contact us for more details or to receive an offer!

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